• We are the Flying Saci. We developed much more than games.

    We create epic experience for you. Through time and space, bring your imagination to the real world!

  • A fully focused company to creating innovative educational products.

    We not just want to create games. We do this by thinking about how it should be fun and unique.

  • Welcome to the skies. Knows about Our works and projects.

    We not just want to create games. We do this by thinking about how it should be fun and unique.

more about us


Here you can know more about our main projects.

work with dreams.

We believe in dreams. Believe that everthing we do is is just turn dreams into reality , or at least make them more tangible . So we work in the following areas.


Make games, is not only to develop an interactive software. We are looking for to create fun games that may significantly contribute to the culture and education of our country and state why not the world ?!


We from the Flying Saci know the weight and the importance of social interactions. For this reason we put it into our business model, actions that directly involve such networks to expand and capture our audience base.


We a lot of experience in education, containing in its membership 3 teachers , 2 experts and a doctor , the Flying Saci has as one of its core services , trainning and courses in the area of creating and developing games.

about us.

For Flying Saci is very important that we can be competitive in the market. And owing to the great responsibility to work with educational and cultural nature, we have our well established objectives and supported in our values , goals and objectives.


Flying Saci is a company committed with the society and based on educational principles for the future. This way, the company's vision was defined :

Contribute to the cultural development of society and to establish itself as a world reference in the creation of games and educational applications.


Based on our intuition and always looking for quality content of our products, the Flying Saci defined the mission in the following statement:

Promote education and culture through games facilitating education, fun and learning with quality content and creative language.


In addition, the Flying Saci is supported by six core values that reflect the corporate environment when the products and services:

- Fun First

- Make games that you would to play

- Work Responsibly

- Quality and Dedication

- Inovação com Criatividade

- Innovation with Creativity


Our values establish the kind of games will be developed, creative and fun without losing accountability and quality. Each Flying Saci team member must be dedicated, but without losing touch with your inner child. This entertaining and innovative aspect should be clearly visible in the products offered to society.


Sylker Teles

Ph.D. in Strategic Design

With year NAS Knowledge areas of education and Game Development. Sylker Teles seeks to apply your acquired knowledge in Japan to Assist in educational development in Brazil.

Victor Maxwell

Specialist in Design, Communication and Multimedia. Computer scientist

Victor Maxwell, brings with him a vast knowledge in the field of programming and game development. Believes that games are extremely feasible ways to improve learning.

Willen Athayde

UI/UX Specialist

With extensive expertise in user experience and inveterate player, see in big games possibility of educational and cultural integration.

Wilker Teles


With years of experience in business administration, believes that developing quality games is only possible if there is involvement with the end result.

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